Dear Dr. Danielsson,

With deep appreciation for the time you have given, and for the excellent work that you've done.  Thank you also for calming the anxiety I always feel in a dentist chair with your quiet manner and meticulous care.  I am very pleased with the result. 

Thank you,  Martha Smith

Dear Dr. Danielsson,
Gosh, I think I've known you for at least 20 years! And we all agree you are one of the nicest man we have ever known and dedicated to your patients. You have taken me in numerous times on emergency when I was in such pain! I can not tell you how thankful I was. You always have good things to say and bring others up- only special people can do that! You have always treated our family so kind and caring and that's why all your patients and friends love you and keep coming back. Thanks again for all your wonderful, gentle care and kindness. When listening to your patients concerns, it makes all the difference in the world!

Maggi and Howard Smith, and Lisa Klopfstein

To the Office of Dr. Danielsson
You have such a kind and generous spirit.You never miss a chance to say something nice, do something good, or share something positive. Your a blessing and appreciated so much. Thank you for your care over the years. We appreciate the service and love you show to our family and community.

Wes and Sarah Hoekman

Dr. Danielsson
You add a little "wonderful to everything you do. Thanks for what you did for me- and thanks for being you!
May God continue to bless you and yours as you labor each day blessing others. Thank you for you dedication to healthy teeth and a bright smile.
In Our Father's Love,

Bobbi Interline 2016

Dr. Danielsson
Please do not retire for a while yet!
Thank you for your attention to me!

Betty Stone

Dr. Danielsson
Thank you for all you've done for my family through the years and me too! Happy 25th Anniversary of your practice.

Bethany Enterkine

Dear Dr. Danielsson,

It was more than a nice surprise to see my beautiful front teeth!
How very generous you are with your time, talent, and expertise.
I love my smile now!!!

Many, many thanks, Mikie Lindsay

Mikie Lindsay

April 2, 2012
To all the wonderful people at Dr. Danielsson's office and especially Dr. Brian, Debby, Yvonne, Beth and Kayla-Best thing I ever did with my teeth was to follow your recommendation for orthodontics and your wonderful work to finish them. Love you all!! Cathy Schmeer P.S. If I left anyone's name out, it's only my poor memory!

Kathy Schmeer

Thanks to Dr. Danielsson and Team for being very professional, courteous, and sensitive to my well being during my root canal on my 65th birthday.

John Paull 'JP'

August 23,2011
Dr. Danielsson and Staff,
Thank you for all you do to make a trip to the dentist more comfortable. It really does make a difference!
Congratulations Brian on your success at continuing education. Everyone should be so blesed to have a dentist who invests so much into doing the best possible job.

Vicky Cash

Thank you for giving me my smile back!

Kay Furnish

Dear Dr. Danielsson and Staff,
Just a note to say thank you for your kindness, patience and excellent dental care for the past six years.
In Christ,
Paula Glover

Paula Glover

Thursday February 18,2010
Dr. Danielsson,
Thank you for your acknowledgement of God and for your competence. Truly you perform a great service to God's children. I hope you never retire.
Tavish Mac Gregor
P.S. - And a special thanks to Saint Deb Wheeler! as well as all your staff.

Tavish Mac Gregor

Dear Dr. Danielsson,

I can never tell you how happy I am to have a front tooth in place but also, very unexpectently, top teeth on the right side. It's been years and years ago since i've had that luxury! I thank you and appreciate the the many nice things you have done for me and my teeth or lack there of. Benevolence must be your motto!!!

Martha Smith (Smitty thanks you too)

Thanks for being so good to us! Happy Holidays!

Linda and Rich Shaffer

Thank you for being such a caring and good dentist. Also, thank you to Debby and all your staff- everyone is so nice and does a great job! Have a blessed New Year.

Bob and Sharon Anderson

We sure miss our dental family! At least Jerry gets to still see you.

The Kongs

Dear Dr. Danielsson, Sunday Jan. 11, 2009

You prepared my tooth for & made a crown restoration for me last week. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your careful and considerate (& excellent!) work and also the assistance by Tamara. The people in your office are genuinely caring individuals and I so appreciate the professionalism and kindness while in, what is for me a stressful situation! Happy New Year to all. With Thanks,

Ruth Gleason

Dear Dr. Danielsson,
We are so proud for you and that we are your patients. We congratulate you for being a true master of your profession. Your maticulous work, compassion to my "fears" and dedication to making each problem of our teeth a perfect result. May God always bless you and all your endeavors. I'm thankful to and for you. P.S. Your staff is pretty extra special too!

Smitty and Martha Smith

Hi Dr. Danielsson and Staff,

Writing you a little note to thank you all for the pleasant treatment.
Thank you for the good care.
Looking forward to December.
It was nice to meet you all!
Have a happy day!
Greetings, Maria Houthooper

Maria Houthooper

Dear Dr. Danielsson, Karen, Debby and staff members,

With such a grateful heart to each of you, I wish to thank you for all you did to meet Bethany Enterkine's dental needs when she visited "home"! May God's richest blessings be yours as you continue to bless others in the days ahead.

Thank you all, Bobbi Enterkine

Thank You!
Dear Dr. Danielsson, Debby & Assistant,
Thank you for going up & beyond to help me during my time of need. I sooo appreciate you squeezing me into your very schedule. You are all awesome!!!
I'm no longer having tooth pain since the root canal. I am still being very cautious with that tooth. Here is a little something as a token of my appreciation. These soaps are hand made by me. Again, thanks!!

Julie Silliman

I "love" my teeth. So proud of my smile now. Thank you sooo much for all your hard work. Love, Love, Love my teeth.


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