Brian L. Danielsson, D.D.S. - Pinhole Surgical Technique, Ridgecrest, CA

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique is process to restore gums that have receded without grafting from the roof of your mouth and other painful procedures.  It is like arthroscopic surgery where we often do not need any sutures for healing!  The gums are loosened through a pinhole and moved up to cover the defect and collagen strips are placed to help the gums to reattach at the right level.  Patients usually take an Ibuprofen after the treatment and that is it!  When we see them the following day, there is no significant pain.  For those who have had traditional grafting to fix similar problems, they are pleasantly surprised at how much better this feels in comparison.  Please check out the link to Chao pinhole surgical technique website for more information.

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